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TOPIC: What MOVIE(s) have you been....seeing? watching?

What MOVIE(s) have you been....seeing? watching? 23 Jul 2017 13:51 #251541

charlest wrote:
Msample wrote:
scrumpyjack wrote:
Dunkirk was fantastic. Very little dialogue, and what was there was pretty hard to understand in some places, but that didn't matter much in the end. The entire movie just felt... relentless. You really feel the sense of impending doom that those men must have felt waiting on the beaches. Hans Zimmer's score really knocked it out of the park, and the general battle sounds were incredible, especially the Stuka sirens. The interwoven narrative worked well and built to a very satisfying conclusion. Overall highly recommended, although extremely stressful, movie.

Saw it last night and would concur. The aerial scenes were exceptionally well done.

I saw it as well and agree with everything here. Fantastic, tense atmosphere. Probably the best war film since Saving Private Ryan.

Those Tom Hardy aerial scenes were the best part of the movie IMO. I could have watched him flying that Spitfire for hours.

My only disappointment was in Cillian Murphy's role. Not the character, as I think he was important, but in the fact that he's one of my favorite actors and I would have liked to see him featured more prominently.

I agree with all of this. Can't really add much more. Loved those aerial scenes. I also like how a great director, like Nolan, doesn't need to rely on ultra graphic violence to convey the horror of war. A weaker director would have shown lots more blood and gut but Nolan leaves the gruesome much to our imagination. You don't see the guys get squashed between the mole and the drifting ship but you do hear their cries of agony suddenly cease. And good lord, when the dive bombers are heading for that fully packed pier......

Anyway, yes it certainly is one of the best war movies since Private Ryan.

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What MOVIE(s) have you been....seeing? watching? 23 Jul 2017 22:24 #251549

Saw Dunkirk. 3/4 stars, solely on the strength of its visuals, sets, and effects, which gobsmacked me. I cannot imagine what it looked like in 70mm, I saw it in 35mm. Really worth seeing just for visuals and direction.

Other than that, it didn't do that much for me. I did not like the air/sea/land many characters split. I ended up leaving the movie without any sense of viewpoint or concrete experience. I'm also starting to sour on war movies that try to give me any sense of what is strategically going on and position me in some sort of guy over a map narrative by combining characters who wouldn't have spoken to each other. This movie isn't trying to do that explicitly, but I think it does because it gives us some nice pulled out viewpoints of what is going on, what the commanders are thinking, etc.

There weren't any real characters in the movie per se, which is ok. But the characters that were in it were relatively expected from my perspective. I could have done without the music swells, cheering, and reading the paper, etc which felt a bit forced and hollow to me.

But then, my favorite war visual media is The Pacific and many people don't agree with that. After reading Atkinson, I think it captures the war experience of a few, specific, perspectives better than most. Which IMHO is all a war film can expect to do with any verisimilitude.
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