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MattDPMattDP   November 20, 2017   2346  
The best expansions don't just improve or fix their base games, they let you see them in a new light. That's what I was hoping from the racing seasons in this Racing Season expansion for Automobiles. Its parent title has been my sleeper hit for the past two years. While other games have peaked and gone, Automobiles is still lapping round for regular plays. It might not need the fresh coat of an expansion, but some go-faster stripes would be nice. There's something very beguiling about season-based games. The idea of taking your carefully built bag...
MattDPMattDP   November 13, 2017   3182  
When Zombology came out of the packet, I thought it might have taken a knock in the post. There's no shrinkwrap, the box lid is a poor fit and all the cards spill everywhere when you take it off. Then I realised: when the designer told me this was "hand made", he meant it literally. He cut and assembled every component by hand, and that makes it an instant treasure. Beyond the box, this is an impressive piece of production for a hand-cut game. My wife, a graphic designer who has only a passing interest in...
MattDPMattDP   November 06, 2017   3985  
According to some literary theory, an author's interpretation of their own work is no more or less valid than that of any reader. If we apply the same to game design, what do we make of designer Jim Felli's insistence that Bemused is not a social deduction game? It looks like one, smells like one and plays like one so, in the face of so much evidence, we can only put this down to a case of madness, right? Fittingly, Bemused is itself a game of madness. Players take the role of divine beings who have...
Egg ShenEgg Shen   October 12, 2017   2143  
Do you and your friends have what it takes to solve the ghostly riddles of…MYSTERIUM?
MattDPMattDP   October 02, 2017   3194  
The first question I tend to ask when faced with a new role-playing game is: why? Why does this game exist? What does it do that I can't do with my favourite existing role-playing system? And even the strapline on Night's Black Agents, "a vampire spy thriller" barks that question at the full moon. If you want a vampire spy thriller, surely something like Cthulhu or Dresden Files or even Shadowrun already fits the bill? Reading the back and the introductory chapters goes a little way toward an answer, but not far. The game uses the...
1014 results - showing 6 - 10  
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